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What Is It?

As a Coach, do you provide a 360 reviews for your clients?

Why not take it to the next level? You need a method that can help with the intangible aspects of understanding your client.

Our live training sessions have been found to be highly beneficial for coaches!

Are you trying to fail?

Learn the secrets of Numerology and increase your happiness!
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What They Are Saying


"Nasyim is a rare find! I found her assessment to be accurate and thought provoking. Her gentle style guided me into the possibilities to come. Her thorough understanding of a chart was uncanny and she was able to blend the different facets so as not to overwhelm. I received the perfect amount of information to be prepared for the inevitable life changes to come."



"Nasyim has a unique gift that really connects you to your deeper level subconscious. I highly recommend her assessment.



"The Numerology session I had with Nasyim was truly impactful. She really helped me hear my subconscious voice and brought new insights to light."



"There were several things that you have picked up on from the assessment including events and energies. It has given me a level of certainty in a very uncertain time. This tool is very applicable for many people who are looking for a bit of guidance and alignment to their true self."



"You gave me an overview of who I am and what my essence was from the numbers. You brought me some great insight, and the truth is that happiness is an inside job, so this is just another tool to gain deeper personal insight. I got a lot out of this experience."



"Nasyim is a VERY talented numerologist...She brings tremendous wisdom and presence, and her background in coaching makes this experience very empowering and enjoyable. I highly recommend her!"



"Thank you so, so much. I loved this assessment. I thought it was fascinating. You really shined some light into somethings that I hadn't thought about before." 



"The Numerology session I had with Nasyim was really interesting. This is outside of what I studied as a Coach, but Nasyim made everything very accessible and managed to cover way more than I anticipated. She really provided me with some juicy things to consider, as well as actual practical things I can do and look out for in life. Overall, I think this is an excellent way to add additional information and insight into whatever work you're doing around self-knowledge or personal development." 



"This assessment really forces you to pull your head out of the sand and look at the messages the universe is sending you. Everything that you said Nasyim totally resonated with me. I really mean every-single-word that you said." 


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Nasyim is a Master Numerologist and certified ICF ACC Coach with multiple specialty certifications in brain-based neuroscience coaching. Her coaching style offers a radically different approach that incorporates a whole mind, body, and spirit integration.

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