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Energy Assessments

Discover the secret messages hidden inside of you with our specialized Numerology assessments. We’ve built coaching programs on proven neuroscience techniques, but what about the intangible energy that drives us?

How Our Assessments Help You

• Learn about your Karmic energy lesson
• Get unstuck… regain focus, motivation, and enthusiasm
• Break free from stress and burnout
• Improve your body intelligence and build self-awareness
• Identifying and leverage your personal strengths
• Create a respectful boundary for yourself


Are you trying to fail?

Learn the secrets of Numerology and increase your happiness!
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The Human Energy Field

Energy awareness helps people become fully present, authentic, and engaging. People who embrace their natural energy communicate clearly and are not afraid to take action.

It may seem far-fetched at first, but the latest science research has shown that people are more connected than previously known. Mystics and occultists have speculated on this for thousands of years, but until recently there has been very limited proof available. Now that we can see these energy patterns on fMRI scans of the brain, it’s no wonder doctors and scientists are now proclaiming these “new” findings in almost every major science journal.

Consider this, the moon’s energy influences the oceans current. Human bodies are made up of 65% water. If the moon’s energy has the power to move the ocean, how might the stars be affecting you?

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Our Energy Assessments are the key to help you understand yourself from a deeper level of awareness.

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Nasyim is a Master Numerologist and certified ICF ACC Coach with multiple specialty certifications in brain-based neuroscience coaching. Her coaching style offers a radically different approach that incorporates a whole mind, body, and spirit integration.

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